Antidote RTT ( Roof Top Tent)


This is the perfect thing for the outdoors explorer. The days of camping on the floor with the bugs and dirt are over. Now you can camp above it all. 


This RTT comes fully equipt with a retractable ladder and very comfortable mattress. We use a special imported fabric from Austrailia that is used for camping in extreme conditions


This is a real easy tent to use and works on pretty much any and every car and truck. For use on a car you must have a roof rack to install it onto


It comes in 2 sizes a small and a large 




Closed : 75in x 51 in

Open   : 75in x 51 in



Closed : 51in x 56 in

Open   : 102in x 56in



Antidote RTT (Roof Top Tent)


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